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a written story for three generations

Tradition and innovation, service and quality, passion for a job well done and commitment are the values ​​that have always inspired our company.

Experience as a family legacy is our best guarantee.

We love to speak your language

Textiles Pongal is projected as a leading and innovative company, with a great exporting tradition focused on both the national and international market.

We take into account the processes as a fundamental part of our results.


Our main suppliers are located in an area of 100 km, which entails close contact.


We work with an easy and fast supply chain, with a low carbon footprint.


We use European technology in our production processes, with high quality standards.

Caring for people

Our commitment to quality is built upon  the use of the best materials, strict manufacturing controls and product selection, with highly qualified employees/staff who share our values.

Know us

As Executive Director, I have the responsibility, commitment and enthusiasm to take, to the highest level, this family project that, at the beginning of the 60s of the last century, was started by my grandfather, Jose María Pont Gómez.

I am passionate about challenges, people, work well done and of quality, taking care, personally, every day, of ensuring that our products satisfy the most demanding expectations of our customers.

I am lucky to have a human team that shares my values, as well as responsible suppliers who believe in my company. Therefore, I encourage you to get to know us.

My entire team and myself will be happy to help you.

Luis Pont – Executive Director

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